Auditions for 2017-18 are now complete.  Click here to see results.

Are you interested in auditioning for next year’s group? Read on to find out what Zion asks of its members.

Basic requirements are for each auditioner are to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; attend seminary regularly; and be a high school junior or senior.

1. Participants will be required to rehearse and perform at times that may conflict with their regular ward and/or stake activities. Parental and ecclesiastical judgment should be used to ensure that this type of activity is appropriate for each participant and will not jeopardize his/her spiritual well-being.

2. Participants must attend seminary REGULARLY. They must also be active in their ward and stake, attending all their meetings whenever possible.

3. Participants must be worthy to receive a temple partial use recommend. Young Women should be participating in the Personal Progress Program and living the Standards of Personal Worthiness. Young men must be worthy to hold and officiate in the appropriate Priesthood for their age. Young men should be participating in the Duty to God program.

4. Participants must organize their schedules and plan their schoolwork so they can attend ALL rehearsals and performances on time with assignments done, and prepared to fully participate. (A maximum of 3 absences every 6 months may be appropriate.)

5. An annual registration fee of $55 per participant will be collected at the beginning of each season (in June). This money will be used to cover expenses for music, and equipment. Additional money will be needed for outfits and will be collected when the order is complete. There may be a fee for a weekend trip at the end of the season (approximately $75).

6. Modesty in dress will be expected at all rehearsals and performances. Missionary attire will be required at any performance where outfits are not appropriate. Hair should be clean and neat with no extreme styles or unnatural colors. Boys will be asked to be clean shaven with conservative haircuts. See EFY standards here.

How should I prepare my Zion audition?

First, as mentioned above, one need not have any lengthy training or accomplishment as a singer. Prepare a song to the best of your ability, and have the confidence to sing it well in front of two or three of Zion’s directors.

When entering the audition room, give the directors both the completed Auditioner’s Information Form and Parental Consent Form. Then take your position near the piano. Introduce yourself, and state both your voice part and title of your song. After singing, be ready for a brief pitch-matching exercise. After that, auditioners will ask you any questions they have, and you’ll be able to ask any of your own as well.

Successful auditioners will also need to complete the Medical Information & Liability Release and can bring it to the first rehearsal.