Zion Choir is a performing group of high-school-age youth from the South Bay area who aim to uplift and inspire through music. They meet weekly in order to prepare themselves musically and spiritually, and hope to invite the spirit whenever they perform.  Choir members commit themselves to learn challenging sacred music which they perform at firesides, youth conferences, and various other cultural and community events.

Zion Choir was founded in 1998 by Christy Williams, who directed the choir for thirteen years. Other directors have taken the baton in the ensuing years, and is currently directed by Jocelyn Goldberg and Blake Williams. Sister Goldberg has been working with the choir since 2012; and Brother Williams, son of founder Christy Williams, is a Zion Choir alumnus and former director of the choir.  We happily welcome his return to the choir.

Throughout the years, Zion Choir’s primary objective has remained the same: to provide an opportunity for all participants and audiences to feel God’s Spirit and love. Hopefully, that spirit will lift the discouraged, comfort the oppressed, challenge the complacent, and inspire those who yearn for a more meaningful life.

The choir’s goals are:

  • To learn gospel principles and gain a testimony of their truthfulness through inspired sacred music; and help others feel the spirit, receive answers to prayers, be inspired to live better lives, and gain their own testimonies.
  • To have a repertoire of sacred music that can be easily adapted to common gospel settings and used for regular church functions, including, but not limited to missionary conferences, firesides, youth conferences, ward or stake musical concerts, and other church events.
  • To provide an opportunity for youth to receive training and experience in performing challenging music that will help them prepare and qualify for furthering their educational experience at college.
  • To provide an opportunity for youth with similar interests and abilities to meet (without regard for stake or ward boundaries) and fellowship each other in a safe and constructive environment.