What do past choir members say about their Zion experiences?

“I believe that The Lord places currents of divine influence in our lives. I was blessed with a strong influence from the spiritual current of Zion Choir. Zion Choir quickly became a spiritual sanctuary for me each week. I was able to freely express my love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through music. There is a special spirit present at each rehearsal that is wonderful and happy! Singing sacred music not only strengthened my testimony, but is also tons of fun! I established many, many lifelong friendships, and the most important of these was with my Heavenly Father. During my time in choir, I felt His love intensely, and I came to know Him more personally. The spirit and love I felt from God and the other members carried me through trials and challenges with the assurance that this mortal world is not all there is. This life is not the end. We will live in eternal joy and happiness in the Kingdom of Heaven. Zion Choir blessed me with increased faith, learning, eternal perspective, and most of all, increased HOPE.” — Sara S., 2013-2014

“Sharing gospel messages through music has been an uplifting force in my life. By participating in Zion Choir, I’ve come closer to Christ and closer to amazing people who possess my same standards and beliefs.” — Jordan H., 2013-2014

“Zion Choir has been such a blessing in my life and has helped me feel the spirit so much! The choir always helped me gain perspective of Heavenly Father’s greater plan that he has in store for me! It’s a perfect way to end the sabbath day and start my week off on a great note; not only do I feel the spirit from the music, but I also gain a better understanding of other peoples’ testimonies as they share their love and experiences. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Zion’s choir!” — Hannah H., 2013-2015

“My time in Zion Choir has been awesome! Singing the sacred music allowed me to feel the spirit and to become closer to my Father in Heaven. Zion Choir has strengthened my testimony immensely. I could go through each song we sang and say how it strengthened my testimony. I also met great people in Zion choir. The choir members are very fun to be around. Because of the choir members’ testimonies and the music we sang, I had many spiritual experiences. The spirit that I felt helped me get through the next week. I learned through Zion Choir that God cares for each of us and will help us through any challenges we are facing, big or small. His power is great and his love is infinite. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to be in such a great choir!” — Jonathan G., 2013-15

“During the time I was in the choir, my testimony was strengthened, my musical talents improved and I made lifelong friendships. Having the opportunity to sing about the Savior for a few hours every week was a great blessing. It brought the spirit into my life and reminded me of the tender mercies of the Lord. After every rough week, I found solace in the music that teaches vital gospel lessons. I was continuously reminded of the year’s theme, which always happened to be exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Singing uplifting songs renewed my determination to carry on through my trials and rejuvenated the flame of my testimony. I have learned that if I let the Savior in, He will heal my heart. He brings hope to those in need, and I know that hope can be an anchor for my soul. Participating in this choir brought me closer to Christ and provided a spiritually uplifting environment where I could leave my trials behind and spend a few hours remembering to place my trust in the Lord.”  — Jessica S., 2012-2014

“I’ve had some obstacles in life, but because of my time in Zion Choir, I know Heavenly Father is real.”  — Johnathan C., 2013-2014

“Zion Choir has encouraged me to look for spiritual experiences throughout out the week, so I could share them at the next rehearsal. As I attempted this, I realized that I am surrounded by so many small miracles and spiritual parallels that I never even noticed before!” — Caitlin H., 2013-2015

“This was my first year in Zion Chior but it was the best experience! From the spiritual and enlightening ahh’s to singing I grew closer to Christ and to the other students in the Chior! You build relationships in a spiritual surrounding and it’s such a testimony builder too! I’ve learned from the songs and scripts of the love and sacrifices  Christ  preformed for us. Through his atonement we can return home and with his love, his steadfast love we have nothing to fear!” — Abby O., 2014-2015

“My time in Zion Choir built my testimony through the examples of the other youth and the presence of the spirit. I felt inspired as I heard the stories from members in choir and learned from their incredible strength! Together, we were able to share our love of the Savior and his gospel with friends, family, and each other. Each week, the spirit touched me in the words of beautiful music and left me with feelings of joy and peace. I never left Zion Choir without a smile on my face!” — Hannah R., 2014-2015

“I was so blessed to be able to participate in Zion’s Choir during high school. I always looked forward to it, and the Spirit I felt there would uplift me throughout the week. I’m glad that I was able to share my testimony and the gospel with others while doing something I loved, singing praises to my Lord. It is an amazing experience and I will always remember it.” — Ryan B., 2013-2015

“Joining Zions Choir is one of the best decisions that I have had the privilege of making. It’s hard to find somewhere where you can feel the spirit so strongly then when you are singing praises to our Heavenly  Father. The value of spiritual experience in doing so is priceless and I know that it has strengthened my personal testimony immensely. Not only that I have met numerous amazing people because of choir that have helped me improve in my life and am very grateful. Overall I truly love Zion’s Choir it is amazing!” — Jared R., 2014-2015

“Zion Choir is the highlight of my week! Music is one of my passions, and Zion Choir allows me to sing fun and complex music. I look forward to the Spirit that fills the room wherever and whenever we sing; I’m edified and strengthened by it every week! Through choir, I’ve made new friends and strengthened friendships with old friends. My testimony that Heavenly Father loves each one of us has increased during my time in choir, and I love bearing that testimony through music whenever we perform. I’m so grateful I’ve been a part of this choir!” — Matiah G., 2013-2015

“Being a part of Zion Choir isn’t just something you do and then forget about. The friends I’ve made and the vocal skills I’ve gained and the beautiful spiritual experiences which have strengthened my testimony of Christ that I received while singing in Zion Choir  are priceless gifts that have stuck with me.” — Susannah G., 2012-2014

“My two years spent in Zion Choir were some of the most challenging, yet rewarding in my life. I often looked forward to those two hours a week where I could go to feel the spirit in music. Choir became a safe haven, a place where I could leave struggles behind and focus on my testimony though the music we sang. Because of my time in Zion, I have made wonderful friends, challenged my musical abilities and been uplifted spiritually. It has been an unforgettable experience that I will cherish forever.” — Hannah T., 2013-2015

“Being a member of Zion Choir has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I formed and developed incredible friendships, I enjoyed many amazing musical opportunities, and I appreciated the consistent presence of the spirit and the unity and strength of the choir members. Joining the choir was one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s quite a commitment, but you get even more out of it!” — Alex W., 2013-2015